When it comes to having some of the best pizza in town, Vancouver’s Via Tevere Pizzeria is as well-versed as they come. The AVPN-certified pizzeria is known for its authentic, personal-sized Neapolitan pizzas, and the spot is soon bringing its delicious menu to Main Street.

Situated in the spot formerly occupied by vegetarian and vegan-forward Grano Pizzeria (by the same owners), the new Via Tevere will marry the best of both worlds together, offering select plant-based offerings from Grano on the menu.

Named after the street in Naples where founders Dom and Frank Morra spent their childhood summers, Via Tevere will not only keep Main Street go-ers fed, but provide them with another sunny patio to frequent this spring and summer.

According to the restaurant, Via Tevere Main Street will include not one, but two 12-seat outdoor patios.

Indoors, the new location will feature 32 seats.

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via tevere pizzeria vancouver main street
Photo via Via Tevere Main

Oh, and Grano Pizzeria lovers also need not worry – the plant-based menu will still be available for delivery online or pickup via UberEats – in addition to dine-in options at Via Tevere.

Opening & info

The new pizzeria will officially open its doors on May 15th, at which time it will operate from Tuesday to Sunday from 4 pm to late.

So there you have it, ‘za lovers. Who’s ready for some slices on the patio??

Via Tevere Main Street

Where: 3240 Main Street