Albertans don’t have to travel very far to catch a glimpse of a mountain or crystal clear lake, but that doesn’t stop us from challenging ourselves every now and then –  after all the journey is just as important as the destination, or in this case, the view!

If you’re looking for adventure, but crave more than an exciting hike, look no further than the Via Ferrata climbing experience, a one-of-a-kind excursion offered to those vising Mount Norquay.

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A route equipped with steel cables, ladders and anchors, Banff’s Via Ferrata is wildly thrilling and will take you to brand new heights, though it’s not recommended for those who fear elevation.

This tour, in particular, has four trails for people of every skill level and budget.

Want to start off with something easy? Pack your pair of hiking boots, a water bottle, a camera, and weather-appropriate clothing for the 2.5-hour Explorer journey, a beginners course where you’ll cover 1 km of distance and 145 m of elevation gain.

Next, there’s the Ridgewater circuit with a suspension bridge, buttresses, and outlooks. This is a 4-hour trail covering 1.4 km of distance and 260 m of elevation gain.

As for the others? With a longer and higher suspension bridge, The Skyline and Summiteer tours are also incredible, though it’s the Summiteer that’ll really get your heart racing.

Best for ‘mountaineers in training’ this is the most daring trail of them all.


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“Within 6 hours, 3.2 km of distance, and 360 m of elevation gain, you’ll have raversed sheer rock face, completed a planked suspension bridge and a wire bridge, climb an out-hanging ladder, and crossed an alpine ridge,” they explain on their website.

“To top it all off, you’ll be treated to a beverage and appetizer at the Cliffhouse Bistro post-tour, it’s a treat well deserved.”

Sounds exhilarating, no? If you’re interested you can book your tour now! Heck, maybe we’ll see you out there.



Where: 2 Mt Norquay Road Banff, AB
Cost: $169+