Thinking of paying your personal taxes? Don’t – pay more than you need to, that is.

Tax time isn’t a season anyone looks forward to – unless you’re on the receiving end of a nice refund of course! But to get there, you need to make sure you’re making the most of your available deductions. 

Let’s be real – personal taxes are complicated and cause way more stress than they need to. So work with a Canadian tax expert instead, and relax knowing all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

personal taxes
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That’s where a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) comes in. Read: Canadian Tax Superhero.

If there’s a deduction to be had – a CPA will find it. If you’ve got RRSP contribution room that can be used to lower your taxable income – they’ll know it. What’s a T2200 and why do you need one if you’re a remote worker? They’ll tell you.

It’s personal taxes, demystified. And you can get all the help you need without even leaving your house! 

Vexxit is an online legal and accounting marketplace for Canadians, helping connect yout with licensed CPAs to perform your income tax filing needs.. 

Let the experts help you find all your eligible deductions and credits to maximize your tax return and keep more of your hard-earned money.

personal taxes
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Here are just a few of the services Vexxit offers:

Simple Personal Income Tax Filing (Only $110*)

Save time and stress when filing your personal taxes. This Vexxit service connects you with an experienced accountant to help assess your needs, maximize your deductions and credits, as well as reduce errors or omissions that could result in penalties.

Personal CPA Consultation (Only $99*)

Get financial confidence and peace of mind with a 60-minute professional consultation. Discuss your financial goals, receive personalized insights, and explore tailored strategies with a Chartered Professional Accountant. 

Personal Income Tax Filing – Self-Employed 

If you’re self-employed, employed with a side hustle, employed but also a student – things can get tricky. Vexxit offers services for all types of personal tax filing situations, just take a look at their complete menu and find the one that fits your situation – or set up a CPA consult to find out which situation is yours! 

The deadline to file Canadian personal taxes is April 30th, so don’t wait long if you think you’re going to need a little extra help – filing can take a few days to complete, so you won’t want to leave it until the 30th to start it.. 

As a bonus, you can save $100 on all personal tax filing services offered by Vexxit until the deadline with promo code: TAXTIME100.

Taxes made easy AND more affordable? You had us at the first part.

personal taxes
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*After TAXTIME100 promo applied

When: Canadian personal tax deadline is April 30th, 2024
Where: Online at