We’re always on the hunt for good news these days. And, the announcement that Vessi Footwear made earlier today definitely falls into that category. The Vancouver-based shoe company is offering a free pair of shoes to every single front-line health worker across Canada.

No, that’s not a joke. If you’re currently employed as a nurse, care aid or doctor, all you have to do is click this link and fill out a form confirming your status. Super straightforward from a company that we’re proud to call Canadian. Maybe they got inspired by the nightly cheering in Vancouver.

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And, since Vessi shoes are breathable, waterproof and lightweight, they’re great for getting to and from your shift. Or, in the hospital? We’ll admit that we don’t have any idea what shoe requirements are like in hospitals. Anyway, if you or someone you know is a healthcare professional, we encourage you to accept Vessi’s generosity. Who doesn’t love free shoes?

Or free shipping for that matter. If you’ve got a little spending money and want to try these out for yourself, then check out the Vessi Footwear website.