Despite the tsunami of decisions you have to make, planning a party is always an exciting prospect. And the one thing that certainly sets the tone and mood of your gathering is your party venue. The space you select is what decides if it is going to be a mundane event or an upscale, elegant shindig. It is no wonder then that Venue 308 and The Brownstone (by Venue 308) are two of the most popular party venues in Calgary.

Mother-daughter duo Penny Dyte and Bretton Grassie both come from creative backgrounds with ample experience in the event planning world. With Penny’s innovation in strategy, culture and people and Bretton’s knack for turning any event into a spectacular one, these two know how to create some pretty memorable experiences. 

party venue Calgary
Photo via Venue 308

And thanks to their two event spaces, they have been garnering a lot of attention, courtesy of their unmatched service and exceptional décor. After all, there is a reason that they grew from a single venue to almost three in just a couple of years. Yes, three! Venue 308 will soon be launching its third space Studios at Vic Park focusing on elevated small private events, photo shoots, and video shoots.

Circling back to Venue 308 and The Brownstone, the party venues have become a top choice for Calgarians for bashes of all sizes and occasions. And here are 6 reasons why—

party venue calgary
Photo via Venue 308

Spoilt for choice

To begin with, Venue 308 and The Brownstone have completely different vibes. Venue 308 is a historic building with character and charm. It boasts stunning brick walls, high ceilings, and exposed wooden beams that create a warm, rustic ambiance. The Brownstone, on the other hand, is a modern venue with sleek and stylish decor that provides a contemporary feel. Plus, it has a beautiful patio. 

Furniture to match the vibe

When we said “unmatched service” we meant it. Unlike most event spaces, these Calgary event venues provide you with two getting ready lounges and a list of services that you can only find at Venue 308 and The Brownstone.  While other venues have a base fee with many add ons, these two locations offer stylish furniture to fit your ‘vibe’. We’re talking tables, chairs, a decor room of goodies, an interactive floor plan and lots of light so you can simply arrive and enjoy your guests and the event. 

party venue calgary
Photo via Venue 308

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Complimentary set-up & tear-down convenience

Setting up and tearing down an event can be a real hassle, but not at these venues. Unlike other event spaces, they take care of everything for you, so you can focus on having a great time. They set up the place for you and even take care of winding up after the event is over. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your party.

Full-service bar with ZERO minimum spend

Another fantastic feature of these venues is the full-service bar. You don’t have to worry about bringing your own drinks or hiring a bartender. They have a fully stocked bar with professional bartenders who can whip up your favourite drinks. Plus, there is no minimum spend required, so you can enjoy a few drinks or have an open bar without worrying about breaking the bank.

party venue calgary
Photo via Venue 308

Prime location

Location is everything when it comes to hosting a party. Let’s face it, you can’t expect huge crowds if you’ve chosen a location that is far away, in a remote area. And neither can you expect your guests to show up happy and excited if they’ve struggled to navigate their way to your location. Given that both Venue 308 and The Brownstone are located in the hip Beltline area with parking options and easy walking access from hotels, it’s no reason why they are a top choice for party venues in Calgary. 

Warm hospitality

In addition to their gorg venues and their unparalleled conveniences, another thing that sets them apart is their warm hospitality. Driven by an impressive client-first list of core values, the team brings  a lot of passion and experience to what they do. And it shows in the way they run their venues. From the moment you step through the door, you will feel their warm hospitality and attention to detail.

party venue calgary
Photo via Venue 308

Long story short, if you’re looking for a fab party venue in Calgary, head over to Venue 308 website below to book their delightful spaces.