If you’re looking for a unique getaway and planning a trip to the Island, Vargas Island Park is definitely worth the trip. Its close proximity to Tofino (accessible by boat) makes it a popular paddling and camping spot, with plenty of wildlife and natural wonders to explore. From its rocky coastline and sandy beaches to a powerful intertidal lagoon – there is plenty to see here, and plenty of ways to see it.

For one, the park boasts “excellent beach hiking,” particularly through the famed 3 km telegraph route that runs east to west. Although it’s important to note that the trail is not maintained, and some bridges are out. So be sure to pack some drinking water and snacks for your journey!

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vargas island park
Photo via EB Adventure Photography / Shutterstock

As for marine features – the park’s shoreline stretches for miles, encompassing rocky headlands, hidden coves, and sandy beaches that are perfect for beachcombing and exploring tidal pools.

Vargas Island is also home to ancient dune berms, or rows of crescent-shaped sand mounds that reveal earlier sea levels. Visitors can dip their toes into sheltered channels and bays, and find a variety of nesting seabird species in the Cleland Island Ecological Reserve.

Note that due to the island’s wolf population, BC Parks advises against bringing your dogs along for the journey.

So there you have it, BC. Consider checking out Vargas Island on your next trip to the west side of Vancouver Island!

Vargas Island Park 

Where: Vargas Island, BC

Information on Vargas Island Park is from BC Parks, and is accurate as of publication date.