Heck, we’re the first to say that Vancouver has got a ton of iconic buildings. So, it’s only fair that something would come around and make it into a competition. Justin McElroy, a reporter for CBC, held a bracket over the past few weeks, and the geodesic dome at Science World is officially Vancouver’s most iconic building.

Other iconic buildings like the Marine Building, the Museum of Anthropology, and the Vancouver Public Library’s central branch were in the top 5. Ironically, the mass-produced ‘Vancouver Special’ houses also got into the top 10.

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But, we think that the geodesic dome deserves the top spot for sure. Not only is it intimately tied to Expo ’86, it’s also a fantastic representation of the ‘Pacific Northwest’ lifestyle that Vancouver has long maintained.

What do you think? Should McBarge have been number one? Did the Army and Navy store deserve a chance? Well, keep that in mind for when the next poll inevitably rolls around.

Until then, head down to Science World and snap an Instagram story in front of Vancouver’s most iconic building.