We might have to go ahead and say that the James Residence, aka Vancouver’s Hobbit House, is the most locally famous house in the entire city. Sure, there’s that Erickson mansion in West Van, and Chip’s pad in Kitsilano. But, the only one we can immediately picture is this eccentric home.

So naturally, we need to share that it’s now available for rent! That’s right, the Hobbit House went up on Craigslist over the weekend, at the fairly steep price of $6,200 a month. Of course, there’s only one house like this in the city, so the steep price is relative.

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Built back in 1942, this home features 2,900 sq. ft. of living space with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The inside is actually relatively modern, while the outside has maintained the Arts and Crafts charm of the original design. Want to feel like you’re in a storybook? This is the place to be.

In fact, this residence is also known as the ‘Storybook Cottage’ as dubbed by the Vancouver Heritage Society. We’re ready to move in, now, all we need are some royal relatives to cover the rent for us. If you know any kings or queens looking to adopt, please let us know.

In the meanwhile, you can check out the listing in full on Craigslist.