A new piece of AR art has landed in Vancouver, and it’s actually the largest of its kind around the world! The new Voxel Bridge piece completely transforms the Cambie Street Bridge, but only if you know how to use it. Lucky for you, that’s where we come in.

The Colombian artist Jessica Angel is behind not one, but two new installations, which combine traditional and technological elements to create a huge augmented reality experience.

The main piece is called Voxel Bridge. Covering some 19,000 square feet, the massive installation uses a mixture of traditional vinyl and augmented reality elements to immerse visitors in the space. As for the art itself, Angel has gone for a technological look, using bold colours and geometric elements. To us, it kinda looks like a cross between a black light bowling alley and the inside of a pinball machine. We’re fans.

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For the curious, a ‘voxel’ is like a pixel, but instead of it being a 2D point in a 2D space, it’s a 3D point in a 3D space. That’s actually relevant to the art, since viewers will see these voxels in action in a variety of ways. And, unlike most other augmented reality installations, these actually stay in place as you move around them, adding to the immersion while you’re there.

In order to fully experience the Voxel Bridge piece, visitors will need to download the Vancouver Biennale app (which is free for all mobile devices). Through the app, the regular vinyl murals will come alive and show the true scope of the piece.

Meanwhile, a second piece from Angel, called Vortex, will be set up in the nearby Hinge Park. There’s a little less info on this one, but it’s described as a ‘secret entry’ for the other piece. Here, people will be able to virtually ‘jump in’ to the larger piece, but details are a little iffy there.

So, keep this brand new art installation in mind the next time you’re in the area! It will be more than worthwhile to check it out.