Finding the best neighbourhoods for Halloween trick or treating in Vancouver can be a daunting time. Sure, you want to go where the action is, but you also want to get the best possible candy while you’re out and about. At least, that’s what we were thinking when we were kids.

So, as adults, we get to recommend where we think Vancouver’s best neighbourhoods for Halloween trick or treating are. Now, you get to be the cool uncle or older cousin or whatever your relationship to the little tyke is.

Douglas Park Area- Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is the perfect mix of young families and older folks. And, Douglas Park seems to be a real hotbed of Halloween activity every year. Not only will the area be bustling with activity, but we have a feeling a couple of houses might be giving out full-sized candy bars (aka the Halloween Holy Grail).

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Trinity Street- Hastings-Sunrise

An area known for its Halloween festivities, Trinity Street is perfect for those in East Vancouver. Word on the street is that some of these houses see hundreds of trick or treaters per year, so you’ll also be able to scope out next year’s costume options.

Dunbar Area

While Shaughnessy and Kerrisdale are reportedly ‘black holes’ for trick or treating, Dunbar seems to be a great idea for those on Vancouver’s west side. Once again, the area is filled with young families and old folks, plus a handful of UBC students here and there.

Curious about where we got our info from? Aside from spending way too much time ‘vibing out’ these neighbourhoods over the years, the CBC put out a Halloween ‘heat map’ a couple of years ago. You can check it out here.