Pro or gaming virgin, as a Vancouverite, it is impossible to not have visited, or at least, heard of Zero Latency. The iconic virtual reality studio that set up shop at the Kingsgate Mall in early 2020 has gone on to become a go-to hot spot in just a couple of years. And for whatever reason, if you still haven’t been there, let us tell you− you’re missing out on the experience of a lifetime.

Zero Latency, as you might well be aware, is one of the largest VR reality brands in the world with some 45 locations across the globe. And they can make you feel fifty shades of amazing by bringing a whole new world to life around you. Well, actually eight different worlds, depending on which game you choose.

Zero Latency Vancouver
Photos via Curiocity

These games cater to different interests, ages and levels of gaming skills. So, you can impress your gang with your “survival skills” as you live a zombie apocalypse in Zombie Survival. Or you can harness your team-working skills as you try to escape a deranged pirate Lord in Far Cry set in the world of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3. Or, if you’re out with the fam, you can embark on a puzzle-solving, walking adventure through an ancient alien world with Engineerium.

You can check out their full list of games here.

Zero Latency
Photo via Curiocity

The best thing about these games is that they are as real as virtual reality gets. The overall experience is incredibly detailed and immersive to the point that they even make you feel zero-gravity when and where required. You can also get unlimited lives if you’re an inexperienced player like us, so you need not worry about having to leave the party early.

Zero Latency truly lives up to its name with zero lag in the virtual world. What that means is that your avatar does exactly what you do, in the same instant that you do it. Obviously, this makes the whole experience feel so much more real.

Plus, the arena-like space ensures that you aren’t banging into people and walls. And the free-roam, wireless technology keeps you from tumbling over wires.

Zero Latency
Photo via Curiocity

Oh, and cleanliness freak, they’ve got you covered too. All of the equipment pieces are sanitized after each friggin game. Yes, really.

Long story short, anyone looking for a crazy fun activity or a life-like VR or simply a one-of-a-kind memorable experience, Zero Latency is the place to be!