What were you doing at 4AM last Friday? We guarantee it wasn’t nearly as baller as what a random cat in Port Moody was up to. A short video caught by Port Moody police officers shows us that, in addition to completely ignoring the wills of humans, cats are also not afraid to go toe to toe with a coyote. Let’s check it out.

The 7-second long video depicts a little game of cat and mouse, err, cat and coyote. Taken in a parking lot, the video opens to the two animals messing around near a parked car. Then, the cat makes a move, startling the coyote and chasing it out of the area entirely. Fitting that it’s a black cat, dontcha think?

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The interaction is giving us some real ‘honey badger’ vibes, considering the size difference between the two animals. And, while this cat managed to spook a coyote, we feel the need to mention that the animals are not to be messed with, and especially if your pet is with you. For more information on how to deal with coyote encounters, just head to the Stanley Park Ecology website.

Now, we’re going to spend the next 30 minutes or so looking at weird animal interactions on YouTube. Yeah, it’s not exactly the most productive Monday activity, but we just can’t help ourselves!