We don’t know about you guys be we absolutely love how crazy the world has gone over the iconic Bernie Sanders inauguration picture. And at this point it’s pretty clear, he stole the entire show. So we’re pumped to see local artist Joseph Wu commemorating this picture with a piece of origami.

Joseph Wu is an origami artist who goes above and beyond what you normally think of origami. It’s certainly not the simple shapes you learned as a kid. Instead, Wu’s work includes 3D creations, famous people, and well-loved TV characters. So if you want to see a unique artist and art form we highly recommend checking out his social media.

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As we mentioned above, Wu recently made a Bernie in the image of everyone’s favorite inauguration photo. The piece is complete with Bernie’s gloves as well as his facial expression. While it gathered very nice interest on Instagram with over 7,000 likes on the photo above, it’s currently sitting at over 4,700 shares on Facebook. And we have to say it’s one of our favorite interpretations we’ve seen this far.

If you’d like to check out Wu’s Bernie you can click above or here. And we hope this sweet story makes your day. Not to mention, if you’re in need of art, Wu is a local artist, and supporting him is a great way to start your week!