Who doesn’t love visiting Vancouver’s North Shore? 

The people are friendly. There are local eateries and cafes on every corner. And the region’s natural beauty is enough to awaken anyone’s lust for adventure!

So how can you make the most of it while respecting the land and its heritage? 

Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association has recently launched a pledge campaign to encourage sustainable travel to the area and educate people on the local culture. We all want the North Shore to stay vibrant for generations to come, and here’s how we can do it together. 

North Shore, Like a Local 

Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association

This new sustainability initiative from Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association is all about encouraging locals and visitors alike to learn about the area and make sustainable choices. They have a wealth of resources on their website to educate about the land, local cultures, and how to be mindful when you visit.  

The idea is to care for the area as if you live there, keeping the North Shore beautiful so we can all keep enjoying it.

Here’s a breakdown of the pledge to North Shore like a local:

Play like a local

Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association

The North Shore is one heck of a playground, with jaw-dropping hikes, trails, biking, and all sorts of outdoor activities. Playing like a local means to come prepared and fully aware of all safety precautions in order to protect yourself and those around you. 

Make sure you have the essentials when you go hiking, and wear the appropriate safety equipment such as life vests on boats and helmets on bikes. This protects you and reduces the pressure on local rescue and healthcare workers. Be smart, be prepared, and be safe – seems straightforward enough! 

Learn like a local

Couple walking through Vancouver's scenic streets

Learning like a local means acknowledging what came before. The North Shore region is home to the Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations who have been here since time immemorial. 

It’s important to respect all cultures that reside here, so part of the pledge is learning about the Indigenous peoples of the North Shore and understanding their past and present.

Love it like a local

Woodsy areas in Vancouver

Last, but certainly not least, loving the North Shore like a local means making sustainable choices to protect the land, water, and wildlife. 

Do your best to leave your natural surroundings as pristine as you found them by using refillable water bottles, recycling what you can, and packing out whatever you bring in on hikes and camping trips. 

Ready to take the pledge?

Check out the website link below to commit to visiting the North Shore like a local.