“Shop local,” says everyone of late- the government, the chamber of commerce, the signs outside stores, our social media feed, our conscience, our patriotic side (the list is practically never-ending). Logically, it makes sense; we know that there has never been a better time than now, post the global lockdown, to support local business. And Uproot Food Collective, an Edmonton-born collective, just made shopping local a piece of cake (sorry, we just had to make a cake pun).

Making it easy and fun for people to shop local food and grocery items, Uproot Food created a platform to give local food businesses the exposure they deserve. Obviously, we had to share our Uproot Food discovery with you.

The brand is literally a collective started by three local food businesses, Honest Dumpling, South Island Pie Co and Natural Kitchen Delights who were killing it at farmers markets. They then decided to create a marketplace for local food brands across Alberta to bring the big grocery sophistication to local food shopping.

uproot foods
Photo via Curiocity

Now here’s the second-best part (the best comes after)− the foods you find here aren’t your usual mass-produced variety but good quality, craft foods that actually taste amazing. They only team up with local vendors offering some unique craft cuisine.

Coming to the best par­t− there’s a flash sale happening from Aug 14 through 16. This weekend only, you can get 10% off STOREWIDE and 20% off participating vendors. Frankly, we want to buy just about everything there, as will you when you see all the yumminess they’re offering. Ahem, Lemon Pistachio Cheesecake, we’ve got our eyes on you!

uproot foods
Photos via Curiocity

The sale runs in both, the online store (kicking off right at midnight on the 14th)  and the physical store in Edmonton.

So, while the whole of Alberta can get their favourites comfortably delivered to their doorstep, Edmontonians can also shop in-store or arrange a curbside pickup.

Long story short, you can now help the community simply by devouring some great food that’s delivered right to your belly. Talk about a guilt-free splurge, eh?

Uproot Food Collective

Where: 10552 114 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3J7