Do you seek adventure? Look up! Airbnb has introduced a new category of experiences and the hosts are anything but ordinary.

Featuring some of the greatest names in music, film, television, sports, and animation ‘Icons’ will give lucky travellers access to incredible experiences and venues – even that of the cartoon variety.

Not only can guests stay in the Ferrari Museum and hang out with everyone from Kevin Hart and Janhvi Kapoor to Doja Cat, but they can also ‘drift off’ just as the characters do in a beloved Pixar Classic.

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Photo via Airbnb / Disney Pixar
Photo via Airbnb / Disney Pixar

Located in beautiful Abiquiu, New Mexico, those who are super fans of the studio can sleep in a detailed re-creation of Ellie and Carl’s bright yellow house from Up – but it’s so much more than that.

In addition to an unbelievable view and identical decor, this home is also fastened to 8,000 balloons and actually floats! 

Above the world so high, this crane-powered palace is unlike anything else – except, of course, the real deal immortalized by Walt Disney Studios.

While there, earn badges for a number of tasks, kickstart your own ‘Adventure Book’, and get to know the Fredricksens through their belongings.

Photo via Airbnb / Disney Pixar
Photo via Airbnb / Disney Pixar

“Icons take you inside worlds that only existed in your imagination—until now,” said Brian Chesky, Airbnb co-founder and CEO.

“As life becomes increasingly digital, we’re focused on bringing more magic into the real world. With Icons, we’ve created the most extraordinary experiences on Earth.”

Interested? Cross your fingers.

Airbnb customers can request to book the abode FOR FREE – but the listings are limited to a few guests chosen to receive one of over 4,000 digital tickets, but it’s worth trying!

Head to their website now and toss your hat into the ring. You never know – it could be you and four friends (or family) who get comfy cozy in one of the most recognizable houses of all time.

Good luck!