It takes something pretty amazing to turn a sewer system into a landmark. Toronto has done just that. What seems like the dirtiest, most secretive part of the city is actually one of the most historically rich around. Hear us out here, people.

toronto sewers

Toronto’s sewer system is exceptional. A network of wide, well-planned and elaborate tunnels looks like the stuff of movies. The wide, high-ceilinged tunnels weave and carve under the entire city. When we imagine roaming around in them (wearing appropriate waterproof footwear, of course), we imagine being a part of an escaping troupe of bank robbers or something… Just us? Okay.

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The sewer system of Toronto is basically like the chamber of secrets where Harry runs from the Basilisk. You may or may not fund snakes down here, but you will find a devoted group of curious subterranean explorers.

Yes, people come down here and yes, they enjoy it. Something about a network of unexplored underground tunnels is just so enticing. And don’t worry, the ground is mostly pretty clear in the areas you’ll want to check out.

Each leg of the tunnels is said to have a unique historical tale behind it. So you might just learn a thing or two about what really keeps our city flowing. Sorry, we had to. Once you get permission and guidance from a public works employee, you can explore away. They don’t make them like this anymore, and the engineering is truly amazing.

Down (pun intended) for once of the most unique underground explorations in Canada? We’ll grab our rubber boots, you grab the headlamp.


Where: Check them out here