Sneaky exes and friends, beware. This week, the streaming service Netflix rolled out a new feature that is supposed to help prevent password sharing for accounts. The story was first covered by the tech publication GammaWire. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s changed.

Apparently, some people logging into Netflix using a different device have come across a new verification page. This page says they’re not currently an authorized user, and that authorization is required from the account owner (sent via e-mail or text message). Weirdly, the screen also has a ‘verify later’ option, which most people have been using.

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But, that’s why we put the ‘sneaky’ qualifier in the first sentence. Because from our understanding, this is more like a nuisance for those who use their friend or family’s Netflix account with permission. Years ago, Netflix said that sharing accounts actually helped their business, since it operated as a sort of grassroots marketing tool.

But, that was in 2016, and since then quite a few streaming services entered the game. We’re not betting folks, but we’re thinking that the whole “I’ll give you Disney+ if you give me Netflix” trend has really taken off.

We don’t have a crystal ball though, people. And, it’s looking like we might not have Netflix in a few weeks either (wink, wink).