You might feel distanced from the Ukrainian crisis unfolding overseas, but you’d be surprised to learn how many fellow Edmontonians are affected by it. The Edmonton region has one of the largest Ukrainian-Canadian populations in Canada. And Ukrainian culture has enriched the landscape of our province since the first wave of Ukrainian immigration in the 1880s.

So, when the Edmonton Ukrainian Festival, aka UFest, was first launched in 2018, we obviously part-took in all the utterly entertaining and exciting festivities.

Well, after a two year pause, thanks to the pandemic, UFest is making a bigger and grander return this year to Borden Park on May 27 and 28. And it’s promising a culture-rich dose of fun and creativity.

Images via UFest

Stating the obvious here but the fest honours the Ukrainian heritage and is a major celebration of every aspect of this rich, vibrant culture. So, expect spectacular dance and music performances (busking included), live concerts, after-dark celebrations, creative artistic displays and interactive workshops. Oh, and the food, load and loads of it.

Image via UFest

Now, when we say food, we don’t mean just perogy. Of course, there will be perogy and we are going to hog on it but there’s going to be a huge array of scrumptious Ukrainian delicacies. We’re talking delicacies that are physical reconstructions of the term- delicious!

To go with all food will be a whole lot of local, cold brews and Ukrainian vodka available at the Korchma. Wondering what that is? Well, it’s pretty much an Ukrainian Beer Garden!

It can’t get any better, right? WRONG! It does get better.

This 2-day celebration of all things Ukrainian comes with no cover charge. Meaning, you can enjoy the performance and concerts and all the artistic showcases without digging a hole in your pocket.

So, mark your calendars and gear up to witness the best of Ukraine right here in Edmonton!