Ah yes, the Uber rating… that mythical number that determines whether drivers will be flocking to you or you’ll spend an extra ten minutes waiting for someone to show up. Well, you might find some solace in seeing the best and worst cities in Canada for Uber rider scores.

Released today by the company, the list is part of new access to rider scores on Uber, which will (finally) let you see the ratings breakdown from your trips. Got a sneaky suspicion that you weren’t the best behaved rider on that late night trip? Well, it could be the reason you’ve got a couple of 1-star reviews.

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But, beyond seeing your own ratings breakdown, Uber also revealed a list of the cities across Canada with both the highest and lowest average driver scores. Sadly, they didn’t include the actual average rating, but it’s still fun to see:

Highest average rider rating:

  1. Saskatoon, SK
  2. Red Deer, AB
  3. Abbotsford, BC
  4. Brantford, ON
  5. Lethbridge, AB

Lowest average rider rating:

  1. Ottawa, ON
  2. Toronto, ON
  3. Montreal, QC
  4. London, ON
  5. Hamilton, ON

Also, the reason for the rankings are up to speculation. Is it riders, or drivers that are nicer in the cities with the highest average rider rating? We have no idea, but we are a little more worried about the next time we’re going to be in tourist mode in Ottawa.