While BC has dropped its mask mandates, the province’s biggest post-secondary institution is keeping them a little while longer. Last night, UBC shared that it would be continuing to require masks on both campuses, until the end of April.

In a press release, the school said that masks will be still be required in all indoor public spaces. The rule will be in effect at least until the end of the Fall/Winter term, which wraps up on April 30th.

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Meanwhile, other major post-secondary institutions, including SFU and Emily Carr, have kept in step with the province’s decision. But, since BC has kept the door open for individual organizations to set their own rules, UBC is well within their rights to keep masks around for the next little while.

It’s a little confusing, we have to admit. However, it’s important that students at every school know what’s up- it would be a bummer to show up to class and be turned away for not having a mask, especially if it’s right before a test or something.