Well folks, there was some great health-related news this week, and it wasn’t related to COVID-19. A new report from a research team at the U of A is claiming that it may have found a cure for diabetes. Now, they need to figure out their next steps.

Researchers at the Alberta Diabetes Institute, which is based out of U of A, have found a way to turn a patient’s own blood cells into those that produce insulin. The stem cell process basically transforms the cells into new ones, which can then be put back into the patient.

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At least, in theory this will work. Right now, trials have been limited to mice, but the results are promising. Plus, Dr. James Shapiro, the leader of the team, was behind the ‘Edmonton Protocol‘. That process relies on transplanting cells from one person to another, and could have severe side effects. In contrast, this new technique should mitigate those risks.

The next step is moving to human trials, which requires some serious funding to get underway. So, a permanent cure for diabetes might be a few years out, but this is some pretty great news nonetheless! You can check out all the research being done right here.

Enjoy the day, folks!