Big news came out of Silicon Valley this week as social media giant, Twitter, announced they’ll be launching a brand new engineering hub right here in Canada. Where in Canada, you ask? Right here in Toronto, of course! Can you imagine it anywhere else??

Okay, joking aside, the news came on Thursday, as the platform outlined plans to open its very first Canadian hub. The best part? Along with the new office comes a whole host of new Canadian talent to be hired. If you’re an engineer who’s dreamed about working for a company like Twitter, listen up.

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Once the hiring process begins, they’ll be looking for people to fill positions in three categories: discovery and connection on the platform, building tools to enable users to easily create content, and maximizing safety and minimizing harm. There’s no doubt that the competition to work on any of those teams will be fierce.

Of course, the expansion to Canada doesn’t come as a total surprise. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey visted Toronto back in 2019. At the time he spoke about “decentralization” of the company, saying the “centre of gravity shouldn’t be San Francisco.”

So there you have it! This is definitely exciting news for the engineering community in Toronto. We can’t wait for even more Canadian talent to make their mark on the tech industry.