Well, folks, we hate to share this news but we think we need to. Today, it was announced that the Canadian comedy legend, Norm Macdonald, passed away following 9 years of cancer treatment. Born in 1959 in Quebec City, Macdonald was known for his incredible stand-up and late-night show appearances, as well as his time hosting SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’. Seriously, this guy was one of the best of them.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, as tributes from some of the world’s biggest comedians, hosts, and actors have started pouring in…


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We’re sure that more tributes will continue to pour in for Norm Macdonald, and he deserves every last one of them. But in the meanwhile, we think it’s high time to share some of our own favourite clips.

And, if you’ve got an extra 20 or so minutes to spare, watch Norm pretend to be one of his biggest fans- Larry King.

Well Norm, we’ll miss you. Time to try and focus on the rest of the work day while listening to your insane catalogue of funny videos in the background.