From its majestic mountains to the crystal clear lakes, Canada is known for its awe-inspiring landscapes. One of the best ways to see some of the greatest sights? From the window of a train – and boy, are you in luck!

As it turns out, The Great North is actually home to two of the best locomotive tours in the entire world, according to InsureMyTrip. 

In a recent report, 10 of the greatest train trips around the world were revealed, but it was no easy feat!

In order to piece together their list for 2024, IMT reviewed the frequency of each train, the number of national parks it travels through and the quality of the journey.

In addition, they collected a ton of data from reputable sources and then gave each trp a score out of 10.

Alongside train tours in Switzerland, Scotland, the USA and Australia, the two Canadian trains that managed to impress were as follows:

The Rocky Mountaineer

Whether you travel to Vancouver, Banff or Jasper, Alberta, you’re bound to be wowed by the Rocky Mountaineer. During this adventure, you can sample local Canadian beer, wine, and snacks and, of course, are encouraged to see the sights – just don’t blink!

The Canadian

Another jaw-dropping experience! The Canadian offers tours through various locations including Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver (just to name a few). These trips are personal, and unforgettable and were voted among the best!

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As for the other trains that made the cut? Here is their full list of 10 of the greatest train trips around the world: 

Photo via InsureMyTrip