Ready to take a walk through history? The former mining town of Sandon in BC is at the heart of the ‘Valley of the Ghosts,’ once a prosperous silver town that’s now a heritage site. Lined with charming 19th-century buildings and mining-era structures, the small town is ‘hauntingly quiet’ yet full of surprises – so it’s definitely worth planning a road trip to go check it out!

Nestled along a creek bank in a narrow valley, Sandon is not too far from a pair of neighbouring villages with their own historic downtowns to offer: New Denver and Silverton. These communities are situated on the shores of the expansive Slocan Lake, forming the gateway to the world-renowned ‘Ghost Town of Sandon.’

According to the Town of Sandon, the “Silver City” was once the richest silver-lead-producing region in Canada. However, like many silver towns of the era, it faded with silver prices over time until it was finally disincorporated in 1920.

In Sandon, electricity was “state of the art,” becoming the first place in the province to provide electricity to all of its residents in the late 19th century, thanks to its water supply and surrounding mountains.

As for its natural beauty, Sandon has close access to Valhalla Provincial Park and paddle-friendly Slocan Lake.

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Today, visitors of Sandon can explore remaining buildings like the City Hall or Powerhouse, which date back to 1900 and 1897 respectively. Grab a snack at the Prospector’s Pick cafe, go hiking or cycling through the town’s many interconnected trails, and take a ride on one of the restored Sandon Brill Trolleys.

As well, visitors can check out the old Slocan Star plant (now named the Silversmith), which has been in operation since 1897. Tours are available through Silversmith Power & Light seven days a week until October 14th.

So there you have it, local history buffs! Consider this your time to shine.


Where: Kootenays, BC