The most spectacular golden hour of the year is about to happen in Toronto for one last time this year. The rare phenomenon, “Torontohenge” happens when the setting sun aligns perfectly with the city’s east-west streets.

The spectacle known as “Torontohenge,” was named after the same phenomenon in Manhattan called “Manhattanhenge,” coined by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, according to The Weather Network.

The sun’s rays between the skyscrapers create an effect similar to Stonehenge, a prehistoric sundial-shaped monument in England, hence the “henge” in its name.

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Civil engineer Ralph Bouwmeester, who specializes in tracking the sun and shadows has a blog that predicts that this year’s Torontohenge will happen on Wednesday, October 25th at precisely 6:19 PM, the 4th and final Torontohenge sunset of 2023.

The Weather Network says that the best places to catch the sunset are along skyscraper-lined roads in the city’s downtown core with unobstructed views of the western horizon. Areas include:

  • Wellington Street W
  • King Street W
  • Adelaide Street W
  • Richmond Street W

“On King Street W, outside of Roy Thomson Hall, is especially good. Farther north, Bloor Street W near the intersection with Yonge Street is also a great spot,” shared TWN back in 2022.

Right now, The Weather Network is calling for cloudy skies and a high of 15 C on October 25th, so our chances of a clear Torontohenge sunset don’t look too promising. But as we all know, Canadian weather is so unpredictable so fingers crossed we’ll get to see the stunning spectacle.