After all the drizzly and cool weather we’ve experienced in recent weeks, we’re happy to report that t-shirt weather is finally returning. The Toronto weather forecast shows summer-like heat and sunshine is coming our way.

The Weather Network’s 7-day outlook shows that the next few days will bring gloriously warm temperatures to the city.

We’re talking 27°C and 28°C heat!

Temperatures will heat up to 22°C on Wednesday, May 10th. with nothing but sunny skies.

That will be followed by a sunny 25°C on Thursday, feeling like 27°C.

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Image via The Weather Network

The warmest day of the week will arrive on Friday, with a high of 25°C but feeling like 28°C.

It’s the perfect time to dive into some outdoor activities, like pick-your-own flower farms near Toronto, hikes with sparkling blue lakes, or waterfall day trips.

Sadly, the hot July-like weather won’t last too long. Temperatures will cool back down to the mid-teens by the weekend and next week, along with cloudy skies and showers.

However, this brief taste of heat is hopefully what we have to look forward to as we inch closer to the start of summer.

Until then, we will be enjoying the warm weather while it lasts!