If you tend to be extra kind and generous during the holiday season, this Toronto restaurant wants to reward your generosity with free food. Fearless Meat in the Upper Beaches is hosting a Good Deed Challenge this week in the spirit of Christmas, giving out free burgers in exchange for kindness.

Until Sunday, December 26th, you can get in on the offer by giving back to the community itself, or by doing a good deed for anyone in the community.

You can then describe your good deed in a comment on Fearless Meat’s social media posts or leave a post on a neighbourhood Facebook group.

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Then, you’ll have to present your post to the cashier for your free Fearless Meat Beach Burger, which is only redeemable on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

If free food isn’t enough to convince you to do a good deed, Fearless Meat was just named in NOW Magazine for having Toronto’s best burger in 2021, so you’d be in for a real treat.

“Please do not be shy or modest about this,” the restaurant’s owner David Brown wrote on Instagram. “You are inspiring others to do good deeds as well!”  Brown even provided examples of good deeds in his post to inspire ideas.

There are few things we love more in this world than free food, so if all it takes is a good deed to get our hands on it, we’re happy to oblige.

Fearless Meat Good Deed Challenge

Where: 884 Kingston Rd
When: Redeemable on December 25th & 26th