It looks like it’s the start of a new era for Moscow Tea Room. Dreammind Group, the company that operates the Yorkville restaurant as well as the Ottawa location, has revealed that the tea room as we know it will soon be no longer. In the coming weeks, it will be rebranded with an entirely new name and theme.

“Due to the ongoing tragic events in Ukraine and being a refugee of war, a supporter of Human Rights, peace and justice for all; I can no longer operate the Moscow Tea Room brand within the Dreammind Group of Venues,” said president Abbis Mahmoud in a statement shared with Curiocity.

Toronto’s Moscow Tea Room will close this Sunday, April 24, followed by the Ottawa location on May 1.

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Statement via Dreammind Group

Over a period of several weeks, the venue will undergo a transformation and will reopen in Toronto as JOI on Avenue and in Ottawa as JOI on Sussex.

Dreammind’s marketing director Ilon Tyan told Curiocity that JOI on Avenue is slated to open on or around May 12.

The new concept will feature a menu of fresh and trendy dishes, including entrees and shareable plates, with cuisine inspirations from around the globe. It’s described by Tyan as having “something for everyone,” all at modest price points.

“The spaces will remain artistic, featuring unique art and opulence,” said Tyan to Curiocity.

“We’re very excited to curate an all new experience, energy and happiness.”


Where: 161 Yorkville Ave
When: Set to open May 12, 2022