The Yorkville Mural Festival took place over the weekend and boy did we see some incredible new works. One that really stands out is the massive new mural on top of the CitiPark Lot at 148 Cumberland St. This incredible piece is now the largest mural within the city.

Whether you visit Yorkville to see the work in person, or you just look the stunning birds-eye-view photographs taken over the weekend, there’s no denying that the mural is truly breathtaking. Its surface area covers the entire rooftop and its design is full of striking bright colours and geometric shapes.

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The mural’s official name is C-horse; a play on the name of the animal it depicts, a seahorse. It was created by the local prominent artist birdO, who is responsible for a ton of other works of art throughout the city. If you’d like to check out more of his work, you can follow him on Instagram here.

Then head on over to Yorkville to see this stunner in person. Along with this incredible piece, you can also do a self-guided walkthrough tour of all the amazing works of art that were added to the area over the weekend. To see an interactive map of where those are, check out the Yorkville Mural Festival webpage here.