CF Toronto Eaton Centre has partnered with holoportation startup PORTL Inc to bring Canada’s first holographic fashion show to Toronto. Not only will you get to experience a super cool new technology but you’ll also be able to enjoy CF’s ‘Shop the Look’ Holiday Hub in a new way.

So what is this PORTL? The technology “beams people and places in life-sized, volumetric 4K in real-time.” This technology will be used to display holograms of models for Eaton Centre’s Shop the Look holiday fashion show throughout the holiday shopping season. At each PORTL holographic display, you’ll find a QR code that will direct you to CF’s Shop the Look Holiday Hub.

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We know the concept seems a little mind-bending, but think of it as seeing a celebrity inside of a box (almost like a doll in packaging) that seems alive and moving. The linked video above should give you a better idea of just how cool this technology really is. And if you happen to be one of the first 100 shoppers on December 3rd, you’ll get the chance to transform into a hologram and see yourself in the PORTL display. Of course, you can take some selfies with your likeness as well!

All you have to do to view this unique fashion show is head to CF Toronto Eaton Centre on or after December 3rd. Each week you’ll be able to view fresh new trends in the PORTL’s so be sure to check it out throughout the holiday season. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.