So long sun and hello freezing rain? The spell of sunny skies is expected to come to an end this week for Toronto and unfortunately, a wave of freezing rain and snow is in the forecast.

You can thank an incoming Colorado low that’s making its way to the province, bringing with it winter-like weather for parts of the area, according to The Weather Network. It’s expected to make landfall on Tuesday morning but don’t worry, it’s not expected to be too heavy or even last long. Either way, keep an eye out for icy roads and surfaces that could make commuting uneasy on Tuesday.

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However, Environment Canada has issued a Freezing Rain warning and stated that it is expected to change over to light rain by late Tuesday morning or early afternoon.

This is just one out of two possible waves of precipitation making its way to southern Ontario this week, according to TWN. We could see another round of icy weather on Thursday and possibly into Friday. And it could even bring some colder air to Toronto with a chance of snow.

toronto weather
Photo via The Weather Network

Per the seven day forecast, Toronto is expected to see some snow on Thursday with scattered flurries into Friday. It looks like we could see some sun this coming weekend but it most likely will not compare to the sunny past few days Toronto has experienced.

That’s winter for ya!