Toronto has come on top once again, this time in CBRE’s Tech-30 report, analyzing the tech industry’s impact in North America.

According to the report, since February 2020, over 476,000 jobs were created in the tech industry and our beloved city just so happened to experience the fastest growth in the past two years. After reviewing 13 markets in the United States and Canada, Toronto saw a 20% jump overall – leading the charge.

It’s not the only Canadian city to top the charts. Montreal also saw a faster high-tech job growth at 18%.

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tech growth toronto
Photo via CBRE

As for overall top markets for high-tech job growth, Vancouver came in first with 44% while Toronto came in second at 37%. The numbers may not come as much of a shock for those in the tech scene as it’s evident that Toronto has grown rapidly with new opportunities and tech hubs opening in the city.

Just recently, a cloud computing company Snowflake opened its first Canadian branch in Toronto, creating hundreds of tech positions for the area.

And that’s just Toronto, cities across Canada are currently looking for tech professionals and the best part about these positions is that many of them are remote.

When it comes to the tech space, opportunities are endless. And Toronto is the place to find it, apparently.