A new dining survey highlighting the best restaurants in North America has been released, and several Seattle spots are on the list! Let’s have a look at the 11 Seattle restaurants that rank among the top 599 in the region.

Released by Opinionated About Dining, which is described as “the only dining survey that factors experience into its rating system,” the annual ranking includes regional lists based on reviews.

“As an example, our 2019 results were based on over 200,000 reviews contributed by more than 6,000 people who registered for the survey,” it states.

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Its latest list includes 599 restaurants in North America, 11 of which are right here. They include a mix of Sushi restaurants, seafood spots, and a French Bistro.

Via Opinionated About Dining

Here are the 11 Seattle restaurants on OAD’s 2024 ranking:

73. Canlis, Seattle
188. Sushi Kashiba, Seattle
208. Altura, Seattle
230. Bateau, Seattle
244. Eden Hill, Seattle
379. Matt’s in the Market, Seattle
429. Sushi Kappo Tamura, Seattle
436. Copine, Seattle
473. Lark, Seattle
530. Wataru, Seattle
577. Shiro’s Sushi, Seattle

What do you think of this year’s list?