It’s about time we face it – we spend a lot of time on our screens. Whether it’s professional, personal, or a mix of both, our browser is basically our second neighbourhood where we live, work, and play. So why not make the space work for you? 

As people who spend A LOT of time on our computers, we love our browser extensions. From those that help with productivity to those that help us kill a bit of time on lunch, including Avion Rewards. So why gatekeep?

Here are our 5 favourite FREE browser extensions to spruce up your digital space and make life a little easier.


You probably know this one already, but it’s so useful we couldn’t possibly omit it. Grammarly is the professionals’ saving grace from typos and strongly worded emails. It works across desktop apps and browsers, so you’re never without your handy writing assistant. 

Aside from just correcting spelling and grammar, Grammarly helps you tweak how your words come across. Looking for the professional way to say: “If you scroll up, you’ll see that I already answered your dumb question.” Grammarly can help make the translation that softens the blow and keeps your work relationships intact. 

The best part is that all the base, heavyweight features of Grammarly are included in the free version, and it’s available for all major browsers. 


If, like many of us, you work on a computer, then this browser extension helps every new tab become a platform for productivity. Momentum allows you to customize your browser tabs to create a focused workspace that keeps you on-task and productive during the day. Plus it is pretty.

Enjoy a serene background image, select your main priority for the day, and keep your to-do list top of mind. Your browser comes complete with daily inspiration, quick access to links and bookmarks, the local weather, and more. The free version includes all key functionalities and is compatible with all major desktop browsers. 

Postlight Reader 

If you hate annoying ads when you’re browsing your favourite websites, then we found an extension for that. Postlight Reader helps clear the clutter by removing ads and distractions, leaving only the content you came for in the first place. 

This browser extension works on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox and keeps your reading view nice and consistent on every site. Postlight is especially helpful for those with accessibility concerns. If removing the ads isn’t enough, just click on the extension, and it will convert the webpage into a nice and clean Reader format. Tweak the font size, switch between serif or sans serif, and toggle between dark or light themes. You can also share this version of the webpage via social media and email or print it for later. If you have a Kindle, you can send it to that, too!

Caution: Tell your parents about this extension at your own risk. Side effects may include being bombarded by emails with articles about nutrition, the government, or news. Thanks, Mom.   

Avion Rewards ShopPlus 

Productivity browser extensions are great and all, but aside from work and social media, there’s only one other thing that dominates our time online: shopping. And who doesn’t want to save money when they buy stuff?

You’ve probably heard of Avion Rewards before, but now you should really listen up because Avion Rewards ShopPlus lets you save money and earn cashback whenever you shop online. ShopPlus is available on all major desktop browsers as well as on mobile through the Avion Rewards app. Shop online and with one click get discounts at checkout or cashback. Once you’ve got some money racked up, you can easily e-transfer it to any Canadian bank account, and it works regardless of where you bank or shop.

All the key functionalities are free to use, so you can start saving and earning cashback on everything from essentials to luxury goods. The savings really add up quickly, so if you love the convenience of online shopping, this one is non-negotiable.


Speaking of online shopping, how many of us look at reviews when trying to decide on a purchase? We’re going to go ahead and assume everyone raised their hand. Reviews are invaluable when shopping online, but what’s annoying is that sometimes sleazy sellers create fake reviews to make their products look more appealing. Ugh. 

Good thing we found the hero you didn’t know you needed. Fakespot is a free extension available for most major browsers that uses AI to analyze and detect fake reviews on major e-commerce websites – including Amazon! Just head to the reviews section and give the extension a few seconds to work its magic. Fakespot will generate a rating from A to F based on the quality and authenticity of the reviews posted and configure the star rating of the product based on the results. This one is a lifesaver for filtering through bad sellers and finding online reviews you can count on.  

Your browser is about to become a better place. You can thank us later.