Well, it’s not even December and many parents with little ones are wondering how they’re going to make it through the next few months. 

Between the cold weather and Covid, it can be tricky to find ways to keep your littles entertained indoors, so we’ve teamed up with VTech Canada and LeapFrog Canada and pulled together our top playroom essentials to help you out! VTech has been producing interactive learning toys for kids of all ages since 1991, so if anyone knows how to keep kids entertained, it’s VTech!


vtech kids toys 2020

Setting up your kids’ “home office” can be just about as important as setting up your own if you’re needing to get some work done! VTech’s Explore & Write Activity Desk will keep them busy with its interactive learning desktop offering different touchpoints to teach your kid their numbers, letters, shapes and objects. Bonus? Get them used to sitting at a cute little desk like they’re really in school!

For younger kids, check out LeapFrog’s line of learning and development toys like the ABC Smart House, 123 Counting Train, and 123 Fix-It Truck. These inexpensive toys have been designed to maximize toddler’s learning and development while keeping them entertained and occupied!


Give your kid a place to get creative that’s not your walls or tables. The classic Mala art easel from IKEA is inexpensive, sturdy, and best of all, looks good in just about any room. With a chalkboard, whiteboard, and convenient holder for paper and coloring tools, this art easel has a lot to offer creative little minds without taking up a ton of space.

Kid not into drawing? Inspire their theatrical imagination and create Mr. Dress-Up style “tickle trunk” with costumes! Hit up Walmart, dollar stores, or your local thrift shop and see what you can find!


kids toys 2020

Nothing says playroom like having a cozy fort! If you don’t want your couch cushions and bed sheets propped up all winter long, check out Crazy Forts indoor fort systems. For less than $50, you can select from different colors and designs and designate a cute little campsite for your kid to hibernate without destroying your furniture.


vtech kids toys 2020

Every kid needs a toy box, but it’s what’s inside that counts! Keep your kid’s toy box fresh and interesting with some of this years’ most popular toys that won’t break the bank. From the full line of mythical creatures with Myla’s Sparkling Friends, the Helping Heroes Firestation, and a ton of unique products from Netflix’s latest craze – Go! Go! Cory Carson, you can find just about anything that will suit your kids’ changing preferences for less than $50.


2020 kids toys vtech

We’ve saved the best for last. Be the parent you always wanted to become and get yourself, we mean your kids, a ball pit! Seriously, just do it. Balu Organics ball pits on Etsy aren’t necessarily the cheapest thing on our list, but they’re definitely the most unique. Select from different colors and sizes and treat your kid to something special after one heck of a long year.

There you have it, folks! Some of the best toys to keep your kids occupied all winter long!