In case you missed it (you probably didn’t), a Ghostbusters movie was filmed in Southern Alberta this past summer and fall. That meant some of the world’s biggest movie stars were in town enjoying everything that our lovely city has to offer while filming in some very familiar Alberta locations.

In order to keep things quiet, production for Ghostbusters: Afterlife was done under the working title of Rust City. Some production in Calgary’s Beltline was noted, but most of the shooting took place outside city limits. Take a look at the trailer and see what you recognize.

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Okay, so the obvious ones should be the landscape shots of the Badlands around Drumheller. Along with that, Drum’s water tower can be seen in one of the shots. The towns of Turner Valley, Dorothy, Beiseker, and Crossfield also get some serious screentime.

Interestingly enough, the fictional town of Summerville, Oklahoma is actually a dressed-up version of Fort Macleod. Nicely done, location scouts, you nearly had us fooled.

With Stranger Things and IT star Finn Wolfhard, Hollywood’s youngest looking old heartthrob Paul Rudd, and returning stars Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray all being a part of the casting, we’re pretty damn excited to see our province on the big screen.

The Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie won’t come out until July, but we’re hoping that having Alberta in the silver screen spotlight might encourage some more films to be shot here. Fingers crossed, folks!