Feeling adventurous? Let’s go tobogganing, Calgary! With a chill in the air and snow on the ground, we’re ready to slide into the new year, but if you’re not sure where everyone’s headed this winter, here are 10 of the very best places to bring your sled this winter.

Whether you hit the hills with your friends, family or special someone you’re in for a day of laughs, love and memories.

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Monterey Park

Monterey Park! This one is closer to the edge of the city limits, so the chance of it being packed is slim to none. Because this kind of thing is exactly what we should all be looking for in a hill right now, we’d highly recommend checking it out!

Where: 2707 Catalina Blvd. NE, Calgary

Stanley Park

This year, check out Stanley Park for 21 hectares of chilly fun. In addition to taking long walks, Calgarians are also able to rush down the many hills with sleds and tubes this winter.

Where: 330 42 Ave. SW, Calgary

Signal Hill

Make some hot cocoa and hit the slopes! Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to go tobogganing down the Signal Hill, but you are able to slide down the smaller one near the community sports field. And that’s still a ton of fun.

Where: 2063 Sirocco Dr. SW, Calgary

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Big Marlborough Park Dry Pond

Be careful on this one! It’s a ton of fun, but, because the hill comes out on an icy area, it’s important that you think twice before taking a running start. Those who like to live fast and dangerously are encouraged to wear padding and something to protect their noggin.

Where: 755 Madeira Dr. NE, Calgary

St. Andrew Heights

St. Andrew’s Heights is probably the most popular hill in the city. It’s steep – but not too steep – popular but in a way that’s lively, not dangerous or guideline-breaching and it’s easy to find. You’re definitely going to want to check it out!

Where: 2504 13 Ave. NW, Calgary

Prarie Winds

Prairie Winds is another one with toboggan hills and skating rinks as well as pathways. There are also bathrooms and those are very important, especially if you’re looking to spend an entire day outside.

Where: 223 Castleridge Blvd. NE, Calgary

Maple Ridge Dry Pond

This one might be tougher to find, but it’s totally worth it. Deep inside the Acadia community, Calgarians can slide down this quaint neighbourhood hill just above an icy pond area. Please be careful on this one, friends!

Where: 1127 Mapleglade Dr. SE, Calgary

Confederation Park

Confederation Park is practically a winter wonderland. Not only can you go tobogganing here, but there are also a ton of walking trails and a skating rink – just in case you’re looking to spend an entire day outside.

Where: 2807 10 St. NW, Calgary

Glendale Park

Turtle Hill in Glendale Park is a must-hit for those looking to go tobogganing in Calgary this year. It’s a quieter place with plenty of space meaning it’s pretty safe for those following guidelines. The only downside? There’s only street parking in this area.

Where: 2225 45 St. SW, Calgary

Deerfoot Athletic Park

Deerfoot Athletic Park is in a cute little neighbourhood of Maryland Heights in the NE. This is a bustling area so please remember to keep your distance when you hit the hills!

Where: 1503 16 Ave. NE, Calgary

And there you have it! The best places to go tobogganing in Calgary this winter! Please be careful, follow the city’s rules and guidelines, and have fun!