Sure, walk-in closets, grand foyers and 6-car garages are impressive – but are they practical? Some just long for a roof over their heads, a kitchenette and a shower – but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate a little luxury. Luckily there are a ton of beautiful tiny homes for sale in Alberta.

Easy to clean, mobile and better for the environment, tiny homes are becoming more and more common – and we can’t say that we’re surprised. After all, with the price of almost everything going up, many are looking to wind down and want to do so for less.

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According to Zolo, the average price of a tiny home can range anywhere between $8,000 and $150,000 which is significantly less than that of a traditional home in either Calgary or Edmonton – which is incredible.

Not sure what’s on the market now? Here are just a few tiny homes listed for sale right now!


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With a total of 399 square feet, this modern tiny home has two bedrooms, 10-foot ceilings and a washer, dryer and even a marble shower. The best part? The price – which is under $200,000.

Cost: $145,186


Featuring a wood-burning stove, in-floor heating, and a large bedroom, this stunning space has a ton of storage, high-end appliances, and plenty of natural light – because who says tiny homes have to actually feel tiny? 

Cost: $184,000


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Designed with function in mind, this cottage-like home will be comfortable year-round and can sleep 4-6 people. With a king-sized loft and a queen-sized secondary room, not only will you be cozy, but feel like you have plenty of space, despite it only being 26 feet long.

Cost: $142,900


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The most affordable on the list, this 20-foot tiny home has an aluminum frame, energy-efficient windows and a ceiling fan – for your comfort.

Cost: $65,000

And there you have it, Alberta! 4 tiny homes that are for sale in Alberta right now. Happy shopping!