Well, folks. It looks like Chef Tallis Voakes, the brand new culinary lead for northern favourite Tim Hortons, is really making a difference. Now that he’s in charge, hungry canucks can really get cracking with fresh 100% Canadian eggs in their sandwiches.

For those of you who may not have known, Tim’s has been on a bit of a journey over the last year in hopes of really improving their breakfast items.

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Now, we know what you’re thinking, “maybe freshly cracked eggs would have been a good place to start?” but apparently not? They actually kicked off their delicious adventure with biscuits, butter and bacon before getting back to the basics and apparently, it worked!

According to those who were local to their test markets, it’s been quite the improvement! “Guests loved the change and they couldn’t wait for today’s official launch,” said Chef Voakes.

So, from here on out, whether you order a wrap, a bagel, or a biscuit from Tims, you can rest assured that your brekkie was made with 100% Canadian Grade A large eggs that were supplied by our very own egg farmers. Cool, hey? 

Also, if you order through the Tim Hortons app anytime between now and February 28th, you’ll actually get free delivery (on orders over $9) in celebration of their launch – so check it out ASAP!

Here’s to a lifetime of quality Canadian breakfasts! Happy eating!


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