Here’s a duo we never knew we needed. Tim Hortons and Barbie. The Canadian coffee classic and the children’s toy company are teaming up to bring us an awesome message. Introducing the Tim Hortons Hockey Barbie! This fabulous new doll will be available at loads of Timmies across Canada and we’re sure will empower young girls everywhere.

The Tim Hortons Hockey Barbie is in recognition of two Canadian hockey heroes. Marie Phillip-Poulin and Sarah Nurse have been making major waves in the women’s hockey world. Both have competed for Team Canada in various Olympic Games, with Poulin bringing home gold in 2010 and 2014, and Nurse bringing home silver in 2018. So it’s no surprise these Barbies are being created in their likeness.

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Tim Hortons hockey barbie

But recognizing stellar women isn’t all these new Barbies are doing. 100% of the proceeds from every Tim Hortons Hockey Barbie sold will be donated in support of girls’ hockey leagues across the country. Thousands of young girls will be able to get involved with the sport, thanks to these fabulous donations. Who knows, maybe these dolls will be responsible for training our Olympic hockey stars of the future!

So stop by select Timmies locations and pick up one of these stellar Barbies yourself. We’re sure your little ones at home will love it. Plus, you’ll be supporting a great cause. It’s a win-win!