Looking to make an easy couple of hundred bucks? Tim Hortons has put out a Canada-wide call for summertime photos and videos, and those selected will be rewarded.

In a search of “authentic summer memories” of Tim Hortons across Canada, the country’s largest restaurant chain will pay “a minimum of $500 per identifiable person in an image or video,” according to the casting call.

“Show us how Tims is there for your classic Canadian road trips, campfire hangs, DIY backyard builds, lakeside laughs, moving days or rummage sales, and any summer moments featuring Tims,” reads the call. “These can be recent or from summers long past!”

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Note that Tim Hortons is prioritizing content featuring their cold summer beverages, such as Iced Capps, Quenchers, Cold Brews, and Iced Lattes. So if any of those ring a bell in terms of photos on your camera roll, it’s time to dig them up.

A few things to note:

  • All photos and videos should feature individuals aged 16 and older
  • Content should be submitted by its owner (photographer/videographer)
  • Permission from any recognizable individuals in the content must be obtained before submission

From those submitted, Tim Hortons will select photos and videos to use in their upcoming summer campaign.

Have some photos ready to go? Head to the casting call page and apply now for your entries to be considered.

Good luck!