There are some stars that just shine brighter than others. Canada’s Tika the Italian greyhound is one of them, practically taking over TikTok and Instagram with a recent, painfully relatable video using original sound from Lorena Pages.

With over 24.5 million views on the video below, the Montreal critter has not only caught the attention of queen Sofia Vergara and Fashion Canada among others; but has also inspired thousands of similar TikToks… and has us wondering why we even bothered to buy anything but sweatpants this year.

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@tikatheiggySo many outfits. Maybe 2021? ##italiangreyhound ##fallfashion ##fyp ##dogclothes♬ original sound – Lorena Pages

Tika the Italian greyhound is a Canadian icon (we’ve decided) and the video that made a group chat sensation is exactly the kind of content that we need more of in 2020.

We’re not sure where she gets her weather-appropriate fits or her confidence but we hope to see more of it on the world wide web.

Thank you, Tika, for gracing our social media with your presence. We’ve never been so proud to add another face to our Canadian celebrity bingo Card. You’ve earned a square right between Gosling and Reynolds.