The NHL playoffs continue this week, as the Edmonton Oilers take on the Vancouver Canucks during Round 2 for Game 4 at home. The Oilers play on Tuesday, and tickets are still available for the game so let’s have a look at how much it costs to go!

As of Monday, the Vancouver Canucks leads the best-of-seven games with 2-1, following their win on Sunday night. But while they took Game 3, tomorrow is a new day, and we still have the chance to cheer the Oilers at home.

The Oilers are at Rogers Place on May 14th, and the game starts at 7:30 pm. So how much are tickets right now?

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Image via Ticketmaster

The cheapest tickets are for Section 212 and they are $283 (with all fees included) per seat. These are for verified resale tickets. What may be surprising are the amount of standard tickets still available – which are not resale but seats that haven’t sold yet.

A quick glance shows blue tickets available throughout Rogers Place, although they are more expensive than some resale ones. They start at $349 in similar sections. In section 134, you would be looking at $529 a ticket through standard pricing. If you want to get closer to the action, standard tickets are also available for 5th row at $887. And we may understand why those seats are still available…

Other tickets available are also around $529 in sections like 122, and $476 in 126.

Of course, another viewing option for Tuesday night include the Fan Park at ICE District, which is free to attend.

Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks

When: Tuesday, May 14th
Where: Rogers Place
Cost: $283+