Hockey lovers, this could be the week to scoop up tickets to the Battle of Alberta! The Oilers are now up 2 games to 1 against the Calgary Flames, but both cities will be seeing games this week. How much does it cost to see them in person? Time to find out.

Starting with tonight’s game in Edmonton, ticket prices are still pretty darn high. For fans hoping to get last-minute seats, you’re looking at a price of around $350 or so. At least, if you’re going through Ticketmaster. But, we wouldn’t risk looking for a sketchier option.

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On the flipside, the Thursday game in Calgary is much cheaper. Thanks to the Press Level sections, fans can score tickets for around $220, taxes included. Yeah, that’s actually not a bad price at all, especially if it becomes a do or die situation after tonight.

Of course, we (selfishly) want things to last as long as possible. And if they’re required, we’re looking forward to chatting about ticket prices for Games 6 and 7 starting this weekend. We’ll make sure to update you for tickets to those Battle of Alberta games as well!