Something new has arrived on Queen West and your exclusive invitation awaits. Three Hearts Members Club now occupies the space where Toronto’s iconic Cadillac Lounge used to be.

Cameron Wilson, who co-owns the new members club with Yossi Lallouz and Harry Butterfield, told Curiocity that the space has a “west London members club energy,” with a dark, candle-lit, sexy, and comfortable atmosphere.

After spending a lot of time in London this past year, Wilson took note of the many private clubs that make up the city’s nightlife scene and wanted to bring a piece of that back across the pond with him.

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Photo via Cameron Wilson

The “conversation-focused” space is ideal for an intimate dinner, date night, or late-night cocktails.

Wilson has also been in the industry for many years, having worked as a club promoter and an owner of other venues in the past.

After what he’s seen throughout his career, he said that he wanted to create a safer, more inclusive place for locals to enjoy a night out.

“Nightlife and just going out in this city can be problematic to dangerous,” he said.

“I’ve seen some really terrible things and that’s just not something I want to allow in my space.”

According to Wilson, the Three Hearts Club is all about “letting loose and having fun and having drinks and not [being] afraid.”

Photo via Cameron Wilson

Despite the laid-back philosophy, Wilson isn’t compromising on glitz and glamour. We’re talking white tablecloths and candle-lit dinners.

“Things have gotten so casual, I think it’s refreshing to have something that’s a little bit less [casual].”

Dinner service begins at 6 PM from Thursday to Sunday in the restaurant and cocktail lounge, which is only open to members.

The restaurant is headed by the former chef at MARBL, with an American contemporary food menu featuring shareable plates and creative takes on classic dishes, as well as popular faves like deep-dish pizza.

However, there is a general admission side to the venue as well, which is a nightclub with a guest list and a members-only VIP area.

Photo via Cameron Wilson

And as a bonus, members also have access to the 10,000-square-foot free parking lot outside of the building every time they visit.

As for the acceptance process, the Three Hearts Club will do a quick screen of your social profiles after you fill out the application online.

Wilson says that members come from all walks of life, including artists, influencers, and even people in the publishing industry. Members are encouraged to mingle at the bar and expand their network.

Having celebrated its soft opening just two weeks ago, Three Hearts Club is welcoming new members to live it up at their private west-end hideaway.

Three Hearts Members Club

When: Thursday to Sunday from 6 PM
Where: 1300 Queen Street West