Call us crazy, but we’re thinking that 2020 might be the year we head back to the sledding hill. And if we do, then we’re going to need an appropriately awesome one to bring. Luckily, the company FUNBOY, known for its pool floaties, has us covered.

Why? Well, they’ve recently released an inflatable sled fashioned after a snowmobile from the 80s. That’s right- now you can enjoy that aesthetic of riding a snowmobile without dropping thousands on an actual one. Frugal winter warriors, rejoice!

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It’s also par for the course for FUNBOY, which has really created its own market for inflatables. Starting with a hilariously large flamingo pool floatie, the company now has designs for everything from a butterfly to an airplane. If you’ve got friends with pools, make sure they know about this for next summer.

The inflatable snowmobile sled will set you back $99. But, it can hold up to 250 pounds and has a reinforced base, so it should last a while. To learn more about this new winter toy, just click here!