Anyone who’s been around Vancouver for a few years knows to expect a chuckle whenever they walk by The Penthouse. But, this historic venue has recently been picking up more steam than usual, and it’s not because of their dancers. Here’s the scoop.

During 2020, the guys behind the signs started making more and more jokes about local and international news. Everything from safe sex practices to US politics got their attention. Nothing like looking up at a sign that says ‘PFIZER NOW MAKES MY 2 FAVOURITE THINGS’ while you’re walking to the grocery store.

the penthouse vancouver sign

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Most recently, a reference to the debacle at the US Capitol building caught Twitter’s attention, racking up over a 1,000 likes. Here’s hoping that the next sign is just as fun. After all, what’s the point of being a strip club if you can’t have goofy signs? That’s like the entire basis of the business.

the penthouse vancouver sign

We can’t promise that every post will be safe for work, but you can check out the signs of The Penthouse on their Instagram page.