Wow, we can’t remember the last time we wrote about a tableside dish to check out in Vancouver. But, the new option from Italian Kitchen is definitely worth mentioning. Why? Well, they’re doing some a tableside ‘cacio e pepe’ pasta dish that we’ve wanted to see forever.

If that doesn’t ring a bell, they’re going to be mixing up your pasta in a big old wheel of parmesan cheese. What’s more, they’re adding a few extra touches to the already delicious dish, including fresh Atlantic lobster and shaved white truffles. Yeah, this is sounding like the perfect decadent fall treat.

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Of course, the tableside part of this means that you can only experience it at the restaurant. Luckily, there’s a heated outdoor patio, just in case dining indoors isn’t really on your ‘to-do’ list right now. What’s more, you’ve got another 10 days to go check this out.

And, this is just one part of the menu, but definitely the most important to let you know about. For more info, just click the link below!

Say When at Italian Kitchen

When: On until November 28th
Where: 860 Burrard Street